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Zedd - Happy Now (Viga & Zita Remix ft. Emma Heesters)

Norwegian producer Viga has teamed up with Hungarian violinist/producer Zita to create a beautifully light and endearing take on Zedd's "Happy Now", all brought together with the angelic voice of Dutch vocalist, Emma Heesters.

This song is a beautiful example of how modern technology has allowed for otherwise impossible collaborations to easily take place, with all three artists involved residing in completely different countries. It is sometimes hard to fathom how something like this could work, but Viga, Zita and Emma have shown in the best way possible, that it can yield magical results.

Their take on "Happy Now" is a light and easily palatable production, with sounds reminiscent of the tropical house movement: warm lush chords and summer filled mallets that transport you to a warm and positive place. Zita's unquestionable talent with a violin is obvious in this song and she brings a depth of emotion to the song that makes it a stand out.

Emma Heesters was a perfect choice to take on the vocal for, her light and flawless voice bringing the song together and further enforcing it's emotion and message.

Listen to "Happy Now":

Free Download:


Support Viga, Zita and Emma Heesters:

Zita ---------------- facebook.com/musicbyzita youtube.com/c/Zitamusic

Emma Heesters ---------------- facebook.com/emmaheesters youtube.com/user/EmmaHeesters open.spotify.com/artist/3898xesz6JuQkpz7Kiu4uM

Viga ---------------- Facebook: www.facebook.com/artistace Twitter : twitter.com/viga_music_

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