Sandëro - Church Bells (ft. Julie Elody)

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Italian producer Sandëro has teamed up with New Orleans based vocalist Julie Elody to create a beautifully enchanting melodic house production that's bound to get your feet tapping.

Sandro Bacci, more commonly known as Sandëro, Is an up & coming producer from Prato,Italy. Over the past few years, Sandëro has released a number of original productions, collaborations and remixes, with each release garnering greater attention than the last, which speaks volumes to his growth as a producer and songwriter.

His latest offering, "Church Bells" Is a testament to this growth. The production is well thought out, everything has it's place and serves a well intended purpose. Throughout the song, Julie Elody's intimate yet powerful vocals deliver the rather dark and haunting lyrics perfectly, supported by lush, emotional piano chords, a strong energetic bassline and well balanced yet subtle percussive elements. "Church Bells" reaches it's climax with a delicately crafted hook that proves that less can be more, with the energy of the guitar and bass rounding off the song and it's message nicely.

I have no doubt that Sandëro is an artist to watch for 2018 and we are bound to be treated with more great musical art pieces from the young Italian in the months to come.

The best part about "Church Bells" for you or I? The song has been gifted to us as a free download via Toneville Records. You can Stream or download it Here ,

Listen to Sandëro - Church Bells (ft. Julie Elody):