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Mielo - The Wayfarer (feat. Pauline Herr)

22 Year Old Chicago based artist, Mielo, has kicked off 2018 with a powerful statement, through the release of his latest single, The Wayfarer, which features the soulful voice of singer/producer Pauline Herr.

The Wayfarer is a showcase of Mielo's unique style and creative prowess, every element an ode to his own artistic expression, right down to the custom artwork, a beautiful painting from artist Douglas Cloven.

The Wayfarer is hard to define within a genre or style, which speaks to the creativity and uniqueness that is Mielo. The song clearly sets out to achieve one thing: evoke emotions. It does just that. From the nostalgic synth sounds, reminiscent of the 80's and a time forgotten, to the delicate chords intertwined with modern glitchy vocal effects and a crunchy impactful bass. The Wayfarer's raw emotion is all glued together into a tangible story by the enchanting vocals of Pauline Herr that compliment the production beautifully.

Download/Stream: fanlink.to/BFx

Listen to Mielo - The Wayfarer (feat. Pauline Herr):

Support Mielo: Facebook: www.facebook.com/mielomusic Twitter: www.twitter.com/mielomusic Instagram: www.instagram.com/mielomusic

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mielomusic

Support Pauline Herr: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/paulineherr Facebook: www.facebook.com/paulineherrmusic/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/PaulineHerr Instagram: www.instagram.com/paulineherr/

Check out Douglas Cloven: www.cloven.city www.facebook.com/dougcloven/ www.instagram.com/douglascloven/

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