WATCH: Gamper & Dadoni - Island In The Sun (Feat. Conor Byrne)

Gamper & Dadoni's Latest offering, Island In The Sun, shows the duo staying true to their sound that we are all familiar with and have all come to know and love. With warm, uplifting chords and that familiar, smile - inducing saxophone melody, it's clear why the song has already garnered so much attention and is going to the top of everyone's playlists.

Island In The Sun, featuring the voice of Conor Byrne, has a certain familiarity to it, showcasing a sound that was hugely popular a couple of years ago, but that doesn't at all mean that the sound is old or dead. If anything, Gamper & Dadoni have proven that this sound - their sound - is still just as fresh and relevant as ever. It is refreshing to see that not everyone has buckled to the pressures of pop culture and changed their style to to match what's popular at the moment. It's a great sound and beautiful music, why should it go anywhere?

You can watch the mesmerising lyric video, created by Philip Nilsson, Below:


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