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EDEN - Crash: From His Debut Album "Vertigo"

What a breath of fresh air it is to come across something that breaks away from the mould of popular culture and trends that so many follow.

EDEN, the 22 year old producer/musician from Dublin, Ireland, has done exactly that.

"Crash" features on his debut full-length album "Vertigo" (released 19 January 2018) and is a perfect portrayal of what the album is all about. A combination of acoustic easy-listening sounds and glitchy experimental elements that is definitely a welcome shock to the system.

The vocals are notably dry and unpolished, creating a beautifully raw emotional feel to the song that delivers the rather dark message of the lyrics in an almost unsettling yet completely perfect way. This song also features a "female" vocalist, which is rumoured to be EDEN's own voice manipulated to sound female. The voice distorts in parts, glitches and transitions back to his normal voice seemingly randomly, all driven by an aggressive electronic bassline. It shouldn't make sense musically,but it does. This electronic and very experimental sound is all in stark contrast to the almost acoustic opening verses, further amplifying the creativity of the production,

Nothing is what you expect with this song and the rest of the album is no different. This confusing yet exciting journey through this young man's creative mind is a truly refreshing experience and the only way it will make sense is if you take a listen, listen with an open mind and forget what you think you know about music.

Listen to "Crash":

You can stream or download the album here: ftrbnd.co/vertigo

Show EDEN some love on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iameden

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