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Bakermat - Do Your Thing (EP)

Ever since his debut single "One Day (Vandaag)" hit the charts in 2012, Bakermat has been spoiling us continuously with beautiful melodic music that sits comfortably between commercial and underground. His Latest offering, the two track "Do Your Thing" EP, does not disappoint.

6 months ago, After 5 years of non-stop touring, Bakermat decided to take a break from that chaotic lifestyle and went into somewhat of an isolation period, which he used to go back to basics, regroup and re-discover his passion for creating music, a passion that so often wavers for anyone on a rigorous tour schedule. Now he is back, and the fruits of his labour during this isolation have been gifted to us in the form of a two track EP. The Sound is classic Bakermat and the fun and pleasure in his creative process is so evident in the music.

“Do Your Thing and Lion are a product of experimentation, time and pure unfiltered fun. I wanted to go back to the roots, and take my time to produce music that’s fresh, isn’t out there yet and diverse. The tracks are not particularly mainstream, but also not underground. It’s for people that want to hear something new and interesting, but still want it to have a feel-good vibe to it.” - Bakermat

The first song, "Do Your Thing" is somewhat familiar and invokes a certain nostalgia for the Bakermat style we have all come to know and love. With a fast groovy electro-swing feel throughout, it wouldn't be complete without the magical saxophone solo that takes the song to it's climax.

The second and final song "Lion" takes on a slightly more reggae influenced feel, but is equally as groovy and likeable as his most loved songs. The subtle airy vocals that intertwine with the music complete the dreamy summer feel that this song portrays so well.

The ‘Do Your Thing’ EP is available here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6OiPD70P4UVP84kh2ykQaS

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